About us A new reality at the gates of Florence

La Bottega del Marmo is the result of a thirty-year long professional growth path. Sandro Gualdani, founder and soul of the company, has established himself as a recognized and appreciated stonemason by individuals and companies in the supply, in the treatment, in delicate operations such as the laying and restoration of marble but also in a whole series of services such as measurements and surveys that help other professionals and construction companies in the development of the site. At our office in Figline Valdarno we can welcome you and transform your projects with marble and other stone materials into reality. Together we develop down to the smallest detail every project that we know how to exalt with the exclusive quality of our materials.

Proven knowledge of materials

We know how to guide you in the choice of the most suitable material for each project, following its development in all phases and in the smallest details until completion;

Ability to work on any material, anytime, anywhere

We are able to work on any stone material, adapting it to the specific needs of the customer, even while the work is in progress. We operate in Italy and abroad;

Respect for time and budget

For us at La Bottega del Marmo a project must not only be beautiful, functional, in line with the requirements but must be completed in compliance with time and costs defined together with the customer.